Extra Virgin Olive Oil Liophito Mattheou
Kolymvari Chania - Crete


In the sunny olive groves, in the hills of Kolymvari in Crete and at an altitude of 250 meters, cooled by the breeze of the Cretan Sea, we produce one of the best qualities of olive oil, winner of a number of awards worldwide.

Kolymvari, in the northwest part of Crete, is declared a P.O.D. area renowned for its extra virgin oil.

Olive Oil Liophito Mattheou

Thisolive oil is produced with great love and care in our privately owned olive groves without the use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Then the oil is standardized and marketed under the label Liophito Mattheou in very limited quantities and numbered standardization.

Valuable components of olive oil

Vitamin E protects the cells, keeping them young
Provitamin Beta-Carotene: for cellular health, strengthens the immune system, for healthy eyes and beautiful skin
Vitamin D for the health of bones
Polyphenols & Sterols
Polyphenols such as oleuropein, tyrosoli: a powerful antioxidant, cancer preventative, which also helps weight reduction
Sterols: cholesterol lowering, cancer preventive
Hydrocarbons & Minerals
Hydrocarbons, such as squalene: antioxidant, cancer preventative, which also helps weight reduction
Chlorophyll: antioxidant
Potassium, calcium and magnesium traces: lower contribution to the supply of fossil

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